Manufacturers' claims

LG7 is a design guide. In other words it gives design advice to consultants and others on ways to light office spaces well. In doing this it makes it clear that almost any form of light, be it direct, indirect or a combination of both, can light office space well if used appropriately. There is no such thing as an LG7 compliant luminaire - in just the same way as there was never such a thing as an LG3 compliant luminaire.

So beware the manufacturer that offers you an ‘LG7’ luminaire or an ‘LG7 solution’. Remember it is the designer that is responsible for compliance with LG7 - of course if the manufacturer is willing to take on design responsibility........

There are certainly many good manufacturers that have or are developing luminaires that will help designers to provide a visual environment that complies with the LG7 guidance, but it is the way that they are used that is important. Used in the wrong way or in the wrong sort of space even the best luminaire can provide a poor or inadequate visual environment. Make sure that the suppliers are fully aware of your requirements and the characteristics of the space the luminaires are intended for.

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